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Interchangeable Lenses and Optical Clip



Model is wearing Photon Pale Rose with Photochromic lens Clear -Smoke Cat. 1 ~ 3. 

​模特配戴淡粉Photon/變色鏡片 透明至深灰 Cat.1-3

太陽眼鏡,optical clip on ,可換鏡片太陽眼鏡,Interchangeable Lenses Sunglasses,近視內視框

ALWAYS wear an EYEWEAR with HIGH-QUALITY, ULTRA-LIGHT design, and the latest PROTECTIVE technology.

Piccolo Eyewear cooperated with the best Taiwan OEM professional factory and developed outdoor/sport sunglasses with stylish designs.

Let Piccolo VIGOROUS goods sparkle your leisure life.

Composed of TR90 Frame, PC Cylinder Lenses, TPR Adjustable Diamond tips, and nose pad.
組成:頂級TR90框架, PC太空鏡片, TPR 可調式腳套和鼻墊組成。


Technical Highlights

  • 34g lightweight

  • Wide field of vision with PC cylinder shield lenses

  • Streamlined, breathable lenses 

  • Adjustable breathable, non-slip nose pads

  • Adjustable diamond rubber tip with comfortable for a long time wearing on head

  • Patented push-down construction on both sides of the frame. Users can easy to replacement of different lenses color

  • EMS TR90 frame material with extra flexibility, impact and abrasion resistance, low friction, can effectively prevent eye and face injuries caused by frame breakage and friction during sports

  • Polycarbonate lenses is lightweight, heat resistant, high optical transparency, impact resistant, UV resistant and low refraction, which can effectively block UV rays and resist UV 100%

太陽眼鏡,optical clip on ,可換鏡片太陽眼鏡,Interchangeable Lenses Sunglasses,近視內視框
  • ADJUSTABLE NOSE PADS AND TIPS - The final part of the temples made of a soft polymer fits perfectly to the curvature of the head, avoiding any form of pressure in the temporal area.

  • PATENTED PUSH-DOWN and EASY-REMOVE INTERCHANGEABLE LENSES - Patented push-down construction on both sides of the frame. Make it easy to swap out different color lenses.

  • VENTING SYSTEM - Fogging reduction venting hole for a perfect vision. Ventilations from the lenses of Photon glasses are used to control the airflow to reduce thermal shock and prevent fogging. 

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