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Our top selling sunglasses​​

#銷售第一 偏光套鏡

Fit Over Polarized


Piccolo started as a selected shop that has been engaged in the brand agency for many years. The character of the shop is always precise in the balance of product detail and function. The products are mainly outdoor sporting goods, such as sports eyewear, cycling helmets, casual wear/jerseys, bicycles, casual shoes...etc.


Years of experience made us explore the strong advantages of each partner. With Project A Piccolo, we only cooperate with production partners who have their own manufacturing workshops and with a related background of more than 30 years in the field, which means they have experience in shape design and advanced technology. Helmets are 100% made in Italy. However, when it comes to eyewear, we must first recommend the well-known Made In Taiwan manufacturing company.


Piccolo studio fully utilizes its good taste. The core goal of Project A is to provide outdoor enthusiasts with high-CP value outdoor accessories with safe, high-quality, and aesthetic design. In the first stage, we select 2 stylish cycling helmets, 2 trendy outdoor eyewear, and several comfortable wearing goods to provide consumers a characteristic, comfortable, and most importantly- safe leisure activities.



interchangeable lenses glasses,太陽眼鏡,可換鏡片

ALWAYS wear an EYEWEAR with HIGH-QUALITY, ULTRA-LIGHT design, and the latest PROTECTIVE technology.

Piccolo Eyewear cooperated with the best Taiwan OEM professional factory and developed outdoor/sport sunglasses with stylish designs.

Let Piccolo VIGOROUS goods sparkle your leisure life.

偏光太陽眼鏡,套鏡太陽眼鏡,fit over Polarized sunglass

ALWAYS wear a HELMET with HIGH-QUALITY and SAFETY-RATED, with SOLID COVERAGE and the latest PROTECTIVE technology!

Piccolo Helmets are produced at an Italian manufacturing company with a background of over 30 years of experience. Their experience in the design and studying of helmets, thanks to the cooperation agreement in the years with some of the biggest companies in the sector and the helmet has absorbed the Italian style that combines elegance, brilliant colors, and aerodynamic shape. 


Bambino with FUN patterns and design, the outer shell is made of lightweight in-mold polycarbonate with an EPS foam inner shell and with well ventilated. 

This helmet best serves every budget and every kind of rider who is looking to add FUN to daily life.

cycling helmet,安全帽,太陽眼鏡,Interchangeable Lenses Sunglasses
time trial helmet, TT specialists, 計時帽, removable magnetic visor, 磁吸式風鏡

Piccolo P, simple but eye-catching lettering on Jet Black/Sky Blue base color.


With a removable magnetic visor that is easy to mount and dockable. Let riders enhance their horizons as the route changes.

The outer shell is made of lightweight in-mold polycarbonate with an EPS foam inner shell and with well ventilated.

A high-quality Italian made helmet is specially designed for competitive road cycling and individual time trial cyclist.


comfort, excellent cutting, and quality!

Piccolo Wearing Goods cooperated with the best well-known custom clothing brand- CCN. Their production facilities use a mixture of old-school, handmade techniques alongside modern processes and equipment. Their state-of-the-art sublimation method is vital to the production of the garments while the know-how of their talented team members ensures CCN produces products to the highest standards.

Let Piccolo FUN patterns and design sparkle your leisure life.

helmet, jersey, outdoor glove

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